Watercress Veggie Cayenne Pasta

* Watercress
* 2 cups mixed veggies
* half a box of organic 100% Whole grain spaghetti or the pasta of your choice

* Cayenne Pepper
* Paprika
* Sea Salt
* Oregano
* 100% Extra Virgin Pure Cold Press Olive Oil
* Organic Golden Flax Seed Powder

Rinse the frozen veggies and cut the watercress into tiny little pieces.

* Boil 5 cups of water in a medium size pot
* Once the water is boiling break the long spaghetti in two with your hands and drop it in the water letting it boil for 13 minutes
* Then, turn the stove off and drop the 2 cups of veggies and add the cayenne, paprika, sea salt and oregano. Mix and cover for 3 minutes.
* Serve in a bowl and add the raw watercress, flaxseed powder, olive oil and Moor cayenne, sea salt and paprika to your taste and InJoy!

13 Love,

Melinda Bey

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