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Designer Aroma Perfumes by Melinda Bey:
There is a secret to great results when making essential oil perfume recipes.
Is it pure? YES! This is the secret. Remember this is your skin! Do you want to heal? Do you want to prevent further damage? Do you want to regenerate you skin?

There is no point putting cheap essential oil on your skin. Quality oil means quality results. Cheap oil could further damage your skin.

Some essential oils are either synthetic or adulterated.

Synthetic means fake! There are no benefits to emotions or health. It is created in a lab to smell like natural essential oil. It smells like it but it isn't :( and it is usually cheap. You can buy them at two dollar shops.

Adulterated oils are usually made to save money. Take lavender. For a few dollars you think you are getting lavender essential oil. Lavadin is much cheaper and smells the same. It is mixed with lavender and sold as lavender, but the therapeutic properties are so different!

Bottom line, we use high quality essential oils in all of our Perfumes, Lotions and Massage Oils.

That's why they smell so good and last so long!

It's Aromatherapy Time.
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