Image of The 8 Aroma Minnie Jar Collection, The Sweet Aromas & The Citrus Herbal Aromas!

The 8 Aroma Minnie Jar Collection, The Sweet Aromas & The Citrus Herbal Aromas!

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1) The Sweet Aromas

2) The Citrus Herbal Aromas

3) The 8 Aroma Collection!

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Made with therapeutic grade essential oils, all food grade quality ingredients, organic castor oil & organic jojoba!

Ingredients include rosemary & grapefruit seed extract, Vitamin E plus the essential oils cypress, juniper, sage, clove bud, eucaliptus & frankincense.

YLANG Y-LAVANDA has an added extra essential oil: Peppermint!

Aromatherapy Session 9: ANCESTRAL HEALING

Aromatherapy is a healthcare modality that uses therapeutic plant extracts “essential oils” to evoke the body’s own intrinsic healing power. An organic product with therapeutic essential oils supports the body in achieving what it does naturally: seeking homeostasis and balance. Real aromatherapy is a different concept in relation to the commercial idea of “recreational” aromatherapy based on scented candles and aroma plug-ins. In fact those aromatic candles, sprays, plugging and other fake aromatherapy products found in the "MART" stores can put a WALL to your healing.

Surprisingly, aromatherapy is not chiefly about aroma, but rather the processes that occur in the body after its application. Organic products with aromatic medicinal plants “essential oils”, facilitates the body’s own healing power at cellular level via the skin and breath. Historically, the therapeutic nature and protective qualities of plants have been highly revered. Every ancient culture has used aromatic plants for health, healing, performing their pallis, religious rituals, beauty and purification.

FACT: The use of aromatherapy is well documented in Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as in ancient Eastern medical texts from China and India. Steam distillation of aromatic botanicals was perfected in Persia. During the 1800s when tuberculosis took millions of European lives.The people working in the herb and flower fields were not succumbing to the disease!
FACT: Da medicinal qualities of the plants protected them!
And this in effect, is what led to the first scientific studies on the antimicrobial & purifying effects of aromatherapy and essential oils.
Modern science continues to validate what the ancients have known all along. This goes all the way back to Khemmet! To our ancestors!
FACT: Research has established that therapeutic quality aromatherapy products may address some of the unmet challenges of today’s healthcare Scientific studies confirm that aromatherapy may calm, energize, balance, rejuvenate and purify the mind/body.

Other aromatherapy health benefits include reducing pain-inflammation, lowering high blood pressure easing stress and boosting the immune system. Therefore, aromatherapy acts as a quick intervention 4colds and flu, combating mold, airborne germs and neutralizing toxins at breath and contact!
These are not the only aromatherapy health benefits. Studies show that it actually discriminate between normal and abnormal cells such as cancer.
In vitro tests have demonstrated the ability of essential oils to target and destroy cancer cells while remaining nontoxic to normal cells.
The healthy cells continued to reproduce and grow as normal. What does this mean? It means that aromatherapy is a lethal weapon for abnormal cells and pathogens, but harmless and actually beneficial to normal cells and tissue.

We should be shouting this kind of news from the rooftops!
Aromatherapy offers fantastic options for our health care!

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