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The United States of America has just recently recognized the true effects of aromatherapy and its use is growing tremendously rapid. Dr. Andrew Weil, the “king” of integrative medicine, says aromatherapy is “the most exciting of all the complementary healthcare modalities. In Europe and Australia aromatherapy health practices have been accepted as part of customary healthcare for decades, both preventive and curative! It's a FACT that aromatherapy is used not only to maintain health but also to correct serious medical problems and improve skin texture and tone.

Aromatherapy protocols have saved lives when all other conventional medical practices failed combined with vegan diet and proper water ingestion. A French medical doctor currently uses essential oils to dissolve plaque build-up in the arteries in lieu of harsh pharmaceutical drugs. Within only three months of using a daily topical solution of a specific essential oil blend, ultrasound showed that the 80% blockage of carotid artery was reduced to a 50% blockage. Needless to say, there's a will to continue with aromatherapy and people are looking forward to even greater aromatherapy health benefits in the future.

There are several application methods in which aromatherapy may be used. The three basic models are the English, the German and the French. The German model promotes inhalation, the English topical applications of diluted essential oils and the French employs these two plus internal methods. Depending on your personal needs and objectives, these three methods may be combined and used together for optimum aromatherapy health. All approaches are practical and straightforward, but guidance from a clinically trained aromatherapist is required for internal methods of use.

It’s important to be aware that many of the aromatherapy products widely sold today are not appropriate for health care. They use synthetic oils and are not organic. Many are not derived from medicinal plants at all, but are artificial substances synthesized in a laboratory without any healing properties. Be careful with the words "natural" and “genuine", these products are commonly adulterated!

To fully experience the effects of aromatherapy we suggest that you step into the arena of aromatherapy by first educating yourself. Read, take classes, and, for specific needs make sure that the aromatherapy products you use are made with therapeutic grade essential oils. Books that we have enjoyed include The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia and Aromatherapy for Dummies by Kathi Keville. You may learn methods to provide additional support for serious illnesses.

Aromatherapy products can be very powerful in assisting your healing!

By: Melinda D. Bey

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