The Time is Now 13!

Now is the perfect time to become more open and aware of our healthcare options, including our mental health and wellbeing. Let’s admit it, Western allopathic medicine does not hold all of the solutions to our health and happiness. Medical mistakes are responsible for thousands of deaths in this country annually.
Prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter drugs are riddled with side effects that can cause organ damage and/or claim lives even when used as directed. It’s actually unfair and unrealistic to expect healing following pharmatheutical doctor recommendations. We must take a greater role in our own welfare, educate ourselves and utilize a combination of therapies for best results.

So consider this – after 5,900 years of proven use, aromatherapy may be more viable and valuable than ever in these times. Aromatherapy addresses a multitude of issues within a completely natural, drug-free, holistic context. When used as directed, there are no negative side effects.

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We feel that aromatherapy is the key to a fulfilling future. Its versatility is unlike anything else. It has the power to revitalize your skin, your hair, your muscles, joints, respiratory system, nervous system, digestion and circulation. It can also improve your emotional state, focus and concentration, and more. The effects of aromatherapy are numerous. No other modality influences body, mind and spirit as completely as aromatherapy. No other therapeutic practice affects us so profoundly on every level of our humanity. For deep transformation and healing, aromatherapy holds a unique place in the field of medicine and integrative healthcare.

We want you to be as bright, healthy, and happy as you can be. Try our aromatherapy products! It’s easy, effective, as well as powerful, practical, and pleasurable. It’s the only “medicine” I know of that’s fragrant and fun! Uh La La!

Smelling Good 13!

Melinda D. Bey

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