Aromaoilganics is born through a connection to mother earth. A brand spiritually inspired to infuse organic body creations with nature's aromatherapy fragrances and essential oils.

We created this business out of a desire to assist our community in their healing and well being and besides the aromatherapy articles and products, we have included watercress recipes. We want to share everything that was part of our own healing with everyone!

13 Love!

Stay tuned for updates!

Credits: - King Ilustrator Graphic Design for our web cover page, portraits and author of the Graphic Novel 13th Conscious.  

TMH's, Big Amma Mamma and TLC 13 Love Community Private

13 Love to Ninesun Amaru Bey, TLC moderators, and all of our Community

Smelling Good 13!. Ooh La La!

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