Lavender is a wonderful healing plant native to northern Africa and the mountainous region of the Mediterranean. The herb is highly regarded for skin and beauty and is commonly used in fragrances, lotions, massage oils, soaps and shampoos to help purify and wash our temple.

The word lavender originates from the Latin word "Lavare" which means to wash. It's Spanish translation is Lavanda and Lavar also means to wash or clean.

Lavanda DA LA VIDA meaning what gives life!

MOORover, many other healing properties are associated with lavender.

Lavender is becoming increasingly grown for the production of it's essential oil, which comes from the destination of the flower spikes of certain species of the plant.

Lavender is antiseptic, anti-inflamatory, antifungus, anti-bacterial and has a calming effect. Therefore, it is good to fight infection and relive anxiety, insomnia and depression. 

Lavender can also relieve, sprains, toothaches, headaches, and sores. It is also used to prevent hair loss and repell insects. You can give yourself a scalp massage to encourage hair growth. 

Lavender will keep your skin beautiful and smelling rightsheous!

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