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Benefits And Joy With The Aromaoilganics Experience

Notes & Insight
By Yhorman L.L. Medima L. Bey


Inquiring and tending to the body's needs requires "self know how.”
You have a plan to go to work yet your body wants to rest. What will give me energy or maybe clarity? What will help?

Having the remedies to our sequential activities/motions- our day to day lives-allows our life's to flow naturally. Life less stressing and more easy flowing is an amazing benefit & joy.

Aromaoilganics provides an oasis/ variety of goods to best service and help you. Body wash, Epsom salt (scented & unscented), creams/lotions, splendid oils, and much more.

Both women and children are inclined to enjoy the atmosphere just because of the aroma.

Here is a brief mission statement from

"Aromaoilganics is born through a connection to mother earth. A brand spiritually inspired to infuse organic body creations with nature's aromatherapy fragrances and essential oils."

Aromaoilganics brings nature onto you. Using natural ingredients should make learning how to serve yourself easier. Healing should be easy, feeling good should, be easy, therefore we return to nature for answers.

∆Healing Benefits of Aromaoilganics Products∆

There are many joys from frequent applicantion of the lotions, perfumes, and body wash.

Spiritually, these goods used daily will uplift your mood.

Aroma (n.) "early 13c., "fragrant substance, spice" (a sense now obsolete), from Latin aroma"sweet odor," from Greek aroma "seasoning, a spice or sweet herb," which is of unknown origin. Meaning "fragrance, odor," especially an agreeable one, is from 1814."

Oils extracted from the herbs and spices- that grow in nature- bring you the literal essence of that environment (forest, park, paradise). These Aromas surely serve many who domicile/live within cities; These fragrances bring life to your senses.

Mentally, raises your thoughts therefore centering your equilibrium.

Therapy (n.)

1846, "medical treatment of disease," from Modern Latin therapia, from Greek therapeia"curing, healing, service done to the sick; a waiting on, service," from therapeuein "to cure, treat medically," literally "attend, do service, take care of"

As anything (bike, car, etc) or anyone (wife, lover, etc) that we rely on, often, we attend to there issues to keep everything balanced. Our brain/body is our utmost priority. Aromatherapy stimulates as well as reaches parts of our brain, then, signals our system (body) to release chemicals inorder to cause certain functions.

Smelling Ylang-ylang scented lotion after topical use. Then, after, the scent has settled you feel more calm.

(Lifting your thoughts and mood for better performance)

Physically, the topical use merges with the internal functions solely by stimulating the brain via the skin then releasing various proactive chemicals/hormones.

In the plainest use of the word, as seen, aromatherapy is the self service from smelling or embracing a herb/spice. Thus that oregano in the kitchen or cinnamon chamomile tea is healing. Balancing you inside & out. Further proof, presents:

Heal (V.) to heal, cure"), literally "to make whole," from PIE *kailo- "whole"

Living within nature by exposing our self to the most organic (nature based) environment makes us whole!

Knowledge of what affects us and what we put in/on our body is essential. Thus, having real products from real folks who are here to serve is a profoundly rich opportunity.

Healing with nature

∆Different Aromas∆

The product smells good and is good. The array of aromas provided from coffee to the circle of citruses makes every purchase feel like a journey. I enjoy to introduce new functions into my life. With different oils comes different uses/scents/atmospheres one could use.

If I'm expecting visitors, then the concentrated oil spray will set the right mood. For work I know the ylang Y-lavanda lotion will prepare my nerves; Ylang Y-lavanda will also give me focus. Besides numerous scenarios, the products do not cause that discomfort associated with the heavly chemical shampoos or soaps (another reason to let it go). Every ingredient listed on the site is from nature.

Raw coffee
Raw honey
Raw turmeric
Raw oranges

Real products made from real food/nature fuel is exactly how every body care product should be.

∆Raffel winning∆

My experience with each order has been well (long lasting natural products). My first order of the mini jars lasted me well over weeks intact. Everyone around me who was able to try the lotion wanted my mini jars (lol).

So being the winner of an Aromaoilganics raffle has made me the recipient of awesome gifts *puts smile here*.

∆Effort and Diligence∆

Aromaoilganics has a record of commercials as well as promotional events. Along with incredible updates, they have a new product.
With many who enjoy the product, something must be right. Owner of the company Melinda Bey shows wholesum regard over the quality she provides.

"We created this business out of a desire to assist our community in their healing and wellbeing and besides the aromatherapy articles and products, we have included watercress recipes. We want to share everything that was part of our own healing with everyone! 13 Love!" For those interested, Aromaoilganics makes updates via Twitter. They are still holding a raffle. The raffle ends once the 13th ballet is chosen.

Notes & Insight By Yhorman Lora Lahara Medima Lluberes Bey

Etymologies present via the use of:

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