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Unscented Epson Salts


Happy Cuzzin: How do I use da Epsom salt?
Da Mango Oil, es dat for when I get out da shower? Do I use et as a moisturizer?

Aromaoilganics: Happy to know everything arrived safe with no spills or anything wrong. You can enjoy an epson salt bath tub or foot bath. For a foot bath pour a teaspoon of either salts in your foot spa, for the tub put some more... if you use the unscented you can decide or not to pour half a cap of the Mango Oil inside the mix. Stay there in hot to warm water for 20 or 30 minutes breath and enjoy the detox... the medicinal propoerties will pull toxins out while nurturing with magnesium. Enjoy the aroma you will feel the goodness. You can carry a little salt with you in your purse to protect. You can sprinkle some in front your door to protect and keep leaches and other insects away... we tried it and it works. You can mix a little of oil and salt to create an all over body scrub! Get creative 😀 The mango sunbath oil can be used as moisturizer and also to feed sun to the skin. Also for the hair! You can even use an oil burner to enjoy the mango aroma all over your home. 13 Love & enjoy 💜

Happy Cuzzin: 13 Th Ankh Yah for such beaudaful pkg. Et smells divine. Dat Mango...oooh la la! 😍

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